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Spiritual Partnerships (New in Paperback)
By Gary Zukav

Review: The premise of Zukav’s new book is that we have (and continue to) evolve beyond the limits of our five senses.  Zukav asserts that as we become more spiritual in our outlook and experience of life, we need new and different relationships to support us.

I loved this idea of our collective and significant spiritual growth.  While destruction, stress and unhappiness still exist, so few authors write about the opposing  (positive, loving) forces that are also growing in strength and number.

Zukav explains that while our perception was confined to what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, we are now increasingly able to access data that these senses cannot detect. This expanded perception is forever altering our experiences of ourselves, our world, and our relationships.

On Amazon.com, Zukav writes:

“Spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.  So when my spiritual partners and I have difficult interactions, we do not point fingers at each other, we try our best to respond instead of react, and to support one another in doing that also. Spiritual partnership is a new kind of relationship, a different kind of relationship. We do more than talk about lifestyles, children, and work. Our conversations take on a different meaning. While I am having them, I am noticing what I am feeling. I’m noticing if anything gets triggered in me and if it does, I pay attention to it, especially if I am becoming upset because those are the experiences that keep me from loving. They keep me apart from people.”

He focuses the book on how to create and sustain relationships that are spiritual in nature.  He defines them as relationships committed to mutual spiritual growth and then takes many chapters to describe precisely how we might become better spiritual partners to each other.

I recommend this book to spiritual seekers of all faiths who are interested in developing deeper and more supportive spiritual friendships, marriages, sibling relationships and work relationships.

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