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One Minute Mindfulness
By Donald Altman

Review: There is a time and a place for bite-sized spirituality and One Minute Mindfulness is a book that perfectly fulfills this need.  It literally offers tips that can be digested in one minute—and that are perfect for readers who travel a great deal or find themselves only capable of practicing mindfulness in short bursts.

The book is divided into useful sections related to different aspects of our lives: relationships, food, work, money, etc.  In each section, is a brief exploration of how to apply mindfulness practice in a simplified manner—along with tips, ideas and other practical suggestions.

My favorite tips were found in the work chapter.  Remembering to breathe, see human beings in our colleagues, rest and maintain perspective resonated with me and seemed like they might actually change my thinking—and behavior—in the midst of a busy day.

I recommend this book to busy folks—with young children around the house or those with a hectic travel schedule.  It won’t change your life—but it might make each moment a little more meaningful.

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