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Moon Phase Astrology
By Raven KalderaReview:I’m a Taurus.  More specifically, I’m a cusp Aries-Taurus—which means I’m an earth sign with some fire qualities.  That sums up my present knowledge of my personal astrology.  I’ve always wanted to have my charts read by a qualified astrologer but have never gotten around to it.

So I was inspired when I received the book Moon Phase Astrology.  The first chapter includes a poetic comparison of the sun and moon (from an astrological perspective).  I was spellbound by descriptions of the mystery, power and utterly female qualities of the moon.  I wanted to know more.

I decided to read this book and figure out my own chart and then learn more about my specific astrological leanings.” I took out my calculator and prepared for a simple mathematical exercise.

Right up front, the book offers readers a series of charts and clear directions on how to perform the calculations required.  But I wound up cheating and using one of the online references the author provides for a chart reading.  Within 15 minutes, I was able to identify my Moon Phase.

I loved reading about my own astrological moon at birth–I’m aligned with a waning gibbous moon and the 1-page description fit to a tee. I was utterly amazed with Kaldera’s insight and precision in describing the qualities of each moon phase–this was clearly not a lightweight astrologer writing for the daily paper.

Unfortunately, after that point, I was utterly lost.  I wasn’t sure how to understand all 96 moon phases nor how I could understand how to identify the moon phase on any given day.  I gave up and didn’t go any further.

So…I recommend this book to people who really want to learn the practice of astrology—either for themselves or as basic training to read others’ charts.  The book certainly seems to be thorough and well researched.  But your personal motivation will determine how useful you find this book.

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