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The Present
By Bob GillReview: Bob Gill is a celebrated graphic designer and illustrator—and his experience shows. The illustrations are finely crafted—and sustained the interest and delight of my daughter until the last page.  But what I loved most about this book was the ending.  When the doorbell rings and his mother announces that someone is collecting toys for homeless children, the child’s heart opens—and after endless daydreaming about his present, gives it away.

Since I work with homeless teenagers, this story struck a deep chord.  If we raised all of our children to give freely—and from the heart—there would be fewer people in need of toys, or food, or love.

The Present is worth telling and re-telling in your family—and buying copies for others on occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is a gentle reminder that there is no greater gift than sharing what we already have.

Recommended for:

I think this book would appeal to adults and children alike, and just like the title implies, it’s a terrific gift for just about anyone.

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