By KellepicsImagine you are relaxing with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and suddenly Jesus appears in front of you. If Jesus is not your go to guy, then Abraham or Buddha.  Someone you believe is a bridge to something bigger than yourself.  For Millie, she imagines the Goddess Isis when she needs support. Whoever this figure is, pretend he/she/it appears in front of you in all their glory.


Now imagine feeling completely loved as if you were enveloped in the ultimate warm and soothing blanket because that would be the feeling if this figure was in front of you. Once you adjust to their presence, you hear a voice that says:


“I have come to offer you a great gift. If you agree, I will take away all of your fear. There will be no obstacles to peace of mind but you will no longer recognize your life.”


Do you want the superpower of fearlessness?  Not recklessness, but a life not controlled by fear.  Think about it. What would your life be like if you were not anxious about how others saw you, abandonment or survival?  You would still care for people and be kind but would not behave or make decisions based on fear vs. what you want.


You may be strong and adventurous already. Perhaps you are a success in your chosen field and are the sort of person that gets things done but these qualities are not the same as fearlessness. No matter how prosperous or popular you are, everyone is afraid of something even if it is just losing all the wonderful stuff you have.


Jon Paul* is a successful doctor. When asked if he would accept the gift of a life without fear, he declined. ‘As much as I wish I could,’ he explained, ‘fear has been a factor in so many of my decisions that I am afraid of what my life might be.’ The idea that there could be a life without fear intrigued him but in the ultimate irony, a life without fear scared him.


The world contains no fear that you have laid not upon it. And none you cannot ask love’s messengers to remove from it.   A Course in Miracles


What would you do if you were not afraid?  Is anxiety protecting you from danger or a convenient excuse to avoid a fuller life?  Jon Paul has decided to start looking at how fear may be holding him back. He is not ready to throw caution to the wind but perhaps ask if he needs quite so much.


*Not his real name.






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