Serenity in an Age of Anxiety
March 2018 Archives

      Selma* picked up her Zoloft and wondered for at least the hundredth time, if she could  stop taking it. Periodically, she cut it in half or if she was feeling particularly rebellious, skip a few doses.  She felt exactly […]

  Over the last twenty years it has become increasingly clear that inflammation is a major factor in chronic illness. Inflammation at the cellular level, that is, not a swollen ankle from an ill-advised snowboarding race or a bruised knee […]

  All anxiety narratives end with the fear that we are not lovable or worthy or the unspoken dread that life ultimately lacks meaning.  These doubts create fuzzy lenses that change otherwise neutral events into anxiety generators and insurmountable obstacles. […]

      What do you worry about?  What keeps you up at night? The first step to mining your anxiety narrative is to identify and understand it. The narrative is a collection of reasons you have that keep the anxiety flowing. […]