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The recent heartbreaking video of Keaton Jones has quickly gone viral, bringing the topic of bullying into the headlines.

He says, “Why do they bully…they make fun of my nose, they call me ugly, they say I have no friends.”

His tearful commentary has sparked a global response, leading to Keaton being interviewed on Inside Edition,, CBS News, and many other outlets.

As people who follow the example of Jesus, Christians are called to be on the frontlines of standing against bullying. After all, Scripture calls God’s people to, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8). This would certainly include children being bullied in school.

I think we would agree we should stand against bullying, but how can we go about this? Here are three quick tips for parents and for students.

For Parents:

  • If your child is being bullied, address it immediately–with the school, the parents of the other kids, whatever it takes. Bullying generally does not go away, but gets worse when left unaddressed.
  • If your child is accused of bullying others, do not ignore it. Get the facts and intervene as quickly as possible. Bullying behavior can be changed, and the sooner the better.
  • If your child complains of being bullied and the school is not responding, get involved. You are your child’s advocate and protector. Do what it takes, even if it means a difficult meeting or changing schools.

For Students:

  • Stand up for students who are being bullied. Don’t laugh when others are mistreated; do something to help.
  • Report bullying activity to a teacher, counselor, or principal.
  • Consider starting a club or event to encourage people to stand against bullying and respect one another.

Bullying may not go away anytime soon, but you can personally do something to help stop it when you see it.

One last tip for parents and students: Share Keaton’s video. Just forward this post to your social media and help others see the harm bullying can cause a person. Let’s #standwithkeaton and others in his situation by making a difference against those who bully.


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Dr. Dillon Burroughs is one of America’s top communicators on today’s Christian issues. He serves as senior writer of The John Ankerberg Show and is author or coauthor of nearly 40 books. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He lives with his wife and three children in Tennessee.

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