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I once spoke with a group of college students about modern slavery and human trafficking in America. After my presentation, a friend of mine asked how it turned out. I told him, “The women were all ready to start aftercare centers for trafficking victims and the guys were all ready to blow something up!”

The problem with addressing human trafficking is not getting people fired up about it; it’s finding constructive ways to help. The same is often true of other areas where our faith applies. It’s easier to express anger than to create positive change.

My challenge to students last night regarding trafficking is my challenge to you. Find an area that makes you angry and then study it. Discover what is causing the problem and the underlying factors involved. As you do, you’ll find helpful, non-violent ways to change the situation. THEN act. Do something. The world is waiting for you to do as my friend Charles says: “Don’t watch the news. Do something that makes the news.”

Or as Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

To learn more about what some Christians are doing to stand against human trafficking and modern slavery in America, see


DILLON BURROUGHS is an author, activist, and co-founder of Activist Faith. Dillon served in Haiti following the epic 2010 earthquake and has investigated modern slavery in the US and internationally. His books include Thirst No More, Undefending Christianity, and Not in My Town (with Charles J. Powell). Discover more at

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