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“No se contenten sólo con escuchar la palabra, pues así se engañan ustedes mismos. Llévenla a la práctica”. -Santiago 1:22, NVI El libro de Santiago es una carta muy directa. En lugar de imágenes de palabras o ilustraciones abundantes, James […]

Great story from co-founder Dan King on how to take your friends on the journey with you on a mission trip. I would love to hear similar stories from any of you in the comments below. As always, thanks […]

I posted this on Facebook the other day and had some interesting dialogue. I’m sharing it here both for shared insights and comments you may have. At the least, it is clear that even early Christians had strong convictions about […]

I’ve spoken against child marriage on several occasions here. That’s why I am thrilled to share this story I found regarding a young Indian girl who chose to defy tradition and change the world. The world is watching for you […]

I once spoke with a group of college students about modern slavery and human trafficking in America. After my presentation, a friend of mine asked how it turned out. I told him, “The women were all ready to start aftercare […]

Activist Faith co-founder Dan King interviews author and speaker Margaret Feinberg on igniting your passion for God, an issue critical to us all as we see to make a difference with the abilities God has given us. Read, watch, share, […]

World Vision, the global Christian humanitarian behemoth, has turned micro. Microfinance that is. Microfinance, for those unaware, is the concept of providing a small loan (as low as $25 US) to help a person in the developing world start a […]

In June 2009, I traveled to Titanyen, Haiti, for a week of missionary activity with Mission of Hope, my second journey to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. On our last morning, we began the trip back to the […]

Please take a moment to read this powerful story from my friend and pastor Jeremy Wilson. As he notes, God’s timing is perfect… +++ God’s timing is perfect. On December 15, 2003 my unit patrolled the Orgun-e Province near Kandahar. […]

[Guest post from blogger and friend, Crystal Rowe.] Last week, the Barna Group released a new report revealing that 75% of adults believe that churches have a positive effect on their local communities. This sounds like good news, right? […]