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Goodwill Industries President Jim Gibbons is on a mission to help America’s military veterans. How? By helping their families. In a recent article, he notes: At Goodwill Industries, we raise money by selling donated items in more than 2,500 retail […]

“No se contenten sólo con escuchar la palabra, pues así se engañan ustedes mismos. Llévenla a la práctica”. -Santiago 1:22, NVI El libro de Santiago es una carta muy directa. En lugar de imágenes de palabras o ilustraciones abundantes, James […]

Alisa Harris is a former New York-based journalist who has covered education, poverty and cultural issues. She writes on the intersection of faith and politics for and recently released a book entitled, Raised Right, How I Untangled My Faith […]

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”-James 1:22 The book of James is perhaps the most direct letter in the New Testament. Rather than word pictures or abundant illustrations, James gets down […]

In June 2009, I traveled to Titanyen, Haiti, for a week of missionary activity with Mission of Hope, my second journey to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. On our last morning, we began the trip back to the […]

Si usted nunca ha oído hablar de una organización llamada Joni and Friends, es un gran ministerio. La mejor ministerio en nuestra nación para las personas con discapacidad, Joni and Friends ofrece un ejemplo poderoso de cómo los cristianos pueden […]

Recientemente, he estado hablando en contra de la persecución religiosa en China, llamando a los cristianos a orar por este tema. En el proceso, he encontrado una maravillosa herramienta de–el “Oren por China” banda oración. Voy a ordenar una […]

“I’ll never forget my first night. All of a sudden and without warning, I found myself homeless in Koreatown near downtown Los Angeles. I was sober, but I had no money, no place to go and no one I could […]

  [I first posted this piece back on March 24th prior to CNN’s special on Muslims in America. It was mentioned by Soledad O’Brien herself and became one of the most poplar posts on Activist Faith. With the start of […]

Special post from Dan King: The Help One Now Haiti Bloggers working on their legacy strategy. You’re reading about the #Help1Haiti Bloggers Trip. Read more: here we go… @helponenow haiti bloggers 2012 three reasons to follow the @helponenow haiti bloggers sometimes it’s […]