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[Guest post from Activist Faith co-founder and pastor Daniel Darling. Originally posted here.] We’re going through James at Gages Lake Bible Church in a series we’re calling Authentic Faith. Currently we’re in the middle of chapter three, which gives perhaps […]

“I’ll never forget my first night. All of a sudden and without warning, I found myself homeless in Koreatown near downtown Los Angeles. I was sober, but I had no money, no place to go and no one I could […]

“We need to take our country back.” “We need to get back to a time when . . . .” These are refrains you often hear from well-meaning Christians. I’ve actually said them myself. But there are a few problems […]

For your Sunday reflection, here are five of my favorite quotes on the issue of compassion. Enjoy and be inspired. Feel free to share! “Go and do likewise.” -Jesus “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for […]

Recently, I have been speaking out against religious persecution in China, calling Christians to pray concerning this issue. In the process, I stumbled upon a wonderful tool from–the “Pray for China” prayer band. I’m ordering one for everyone in […]

I blame it on the ‘WP Word Count’ plugin that I installed. It tells me how many words are written/published by each contributor on the site. And as the guy who started the site, I’m definitely leading all contributors with […]

From Activist Faith cofounder Dan King regarding his new book The Unlikely Missionary. +++ In The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter you hear the story about how I found passion and purpose for my faith as I studied the issue of […]

The US 2011 Trafficking in Persons national report included an important insight for today’s online activists. The entire document includes lengthy details regarding the status of human trafficking in nearly every nation of the world, but I mention it here […]

Guest post from Daniel Darling. I’m always excited to meet new authors, especially new authors who are pastors, and especially new authors, who are pastors, who publish with my friends at New Hope, who has published all my books. I […]

People often ask me why I am involved in activist issues as a Christian. I tell people, “For the Bible tells me so.” Here are some of my favorite verses for your reflection for this Sunday: He has shown you, […]