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I’ve been doing a little research lately on Christian involvement in the fair trade movement. Here’s what I’m learning: 1. Christians are woefully lacking in support fair trade efforts: Christians are doing a lot of great things, but fair trade […]

For your Friday reflection, here are five of my favorite quotes on the issue of compassion. Enjoy and be inspired. Feel free to share! “Go and do likewise.” -Jesus “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for […]

Guest post from Daniel Darling. I’m always excited to meet new authors, especially new authors who are pastors, and especially new authors, who are pastors, who publish with my friends at New Hope, who has published all my books. I […]

From Activist Faith co-founder Dan King’s recent adventure in Haiti: Is it bad that I don’t want to wash the Haiti mud off of my shoes? Most of it is already gone anyway, but the thought of washing the rest […]

It’s an unbelievable claim: 163 millions female babies aborted by women seeking sons. This is the information shared in Mara Hvistendahl’s book Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences in a World Full of Men. But even if […]

Activist Faith co-founder Dan King shares “The Secret of Your Success” from a biblical perspective. Read and be inspired today! -Dillon +++ Recently I’ve been in some conversations around what it takes to be successful in the workplace, and it […]

If you’ve never heard of an organization called Joni and Friends, you are truly missing out. The premiere disability ministry in our nation, Joni and Friends provides a powerful example of how Christians are called to show love in practical […]

More Sharing Services I had a moment of weakness. I’m ashamed to say that I cheated. And it wasn’t just a little bit. I cheated bad. Yeah, I feel horrible about it, mostly because I know there’s no way I […]

My friend Charles Powell has a heart to show mercy. How does he go about this? His plan is to make it impossible for people to buy and sell human beings in America. His organization, the Mercy Movement, exist to […]

As part of Activist Faith, I like to highlight Christians on the frontlines of creating positive change in our world. Today’s hero? My friend Bruce Ladebu, pastor and founder of Children’s Rescue Initiative. Here’s an amazing picture and story of […]