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What has happened in your life in 2010? To end the year, it is often helpful to review what has taken place and look forward to what is ahead. This weekend, I’ll be sharing from some of my own questions […]

[Guest post from co-founder Daniel Darling. Thanks, Daniel! You may also want to check out his new book iFaith, which just received a stellar review from Publisher’s Weekly.] Today I have the privilege of chatting with Jonathan Merrit. I’ve […]

According to a new research project by Baylor researcher Aaron Franzen, those who read the Bible are found to be more concerned about today’s social change issues, including social and economic justice. As mentioned by David Briggs today at Huffington […]

Many causes and charities plea for our attention during the holidays, but when the day comes, most of us spend Christmas sharing meal and gifts with family. I took some time to observe how people show their faith even during […]

[From co-founder and tech director Dan King, also the voice behind] The @salvationarmy is doing some amazing ministry work. Just locally in my city they run an extremely effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. It’s a faith-based residential program for […]

The original story of Christmas. I encourage you to read this on your own and with your loved ones as you celebrate this day. The Birth of Jesus 1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should […]

Many of you enjoyed yesterday’s post from Dan King, co-founder of Here is the rest of the story of what his family is doing to highlight their faith in practical ways this Christmas season.  My seven (and a half) […]

[From Dan King, co-founder of Great idea for this Christmas (especially if you live somewhere warm).] Our family is pretty pumped about this year’s Christmas project! The needs of people in Haiti have been a special focus for us […]

Homes and offices are being decorated. Parties are being planned. Family get-togethers are being decided. And the malls are getting crazier than ever. Looking at the hard-to-navigate parking lots, long lines, and highly stressed customer service staff is enough to […]

My friends at Living Water Internationalshare a great Advent response to Christmas to change lives now and for eternity. I’ll be talking more about them in the near future, but for now, enjoy the video and become part of the […]