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I enjoy baseball, but cringe when I see the ongoing practice of tobacco used during games. Clearly, I’m not alone. The activists behind the website are out to do something about it. Through their petition at, you can […]

Jackie Chan RIP? Fortunately, the Twitter news was but one of a recent string of hoaxes regarding celebrity deaths. I’m sure Jackie Chan did not appreciate the thought of his demise, but the stunt has people thinking and talking about […]

Tony Hall and company announced yesterday an official hunger strike in response to what they see as immoral proposed budget cuts regarding world food programs, mosquito nets, and head start programs. Whether you agree with their plan or not, a […]

Last Saturday, several potential Republican candidates gathered in Iowa to talk politics. No surprises here. I even enjoyed the focus on social issues, as I find faith and its implications a vital aspect of society. But one concerning takeaway from […]

My friend, pastor and Activist Faith co-founder Daniel Darling, recently shared the following words on his blog regarding why we still need to hear faithful preaching as Christians. I hope find these words encouraging on this Sunday morning:     […]

My friend and Activist Faith co-founder Dan King shares some great thoughts on online activism, especially appropriate for this column. Enjoy! +++ Just being at #icorphan was a privilege. Sitting on a panel with five other amazing bloggers to discuss […]

This week, I received an email from a friend of mine who works with girls in juvenile detention centers in the Dallas area. One of their programs is a voluntary Bible study where she is able to build friendships with […]

CNN’s upcoming special “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door” airs March 27th, highlighting the uneasy plight of living as a Muslim in America. Specifically, the trailer focuses on the recent showdown in my nearby Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where allegations of everything from […]

The Washington Post’s “On Faith” highlighted the legacy plan of Prison Fellowship founder Charles Colson. The plan? Developing a group of next-generation leaders called “Centurions” who can defend Christianity in an increasingly anti-Christian culture where the faith is seen as […]

Social media offers more ways that ever before to communicate faith. The creative team at has launched an exciting new platform that allows everyday people the opportunity to help provide Bible translations to some of the 340 million people […]