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Over 99 percent of voters in Southern Sudan have voted to secede from the North. While I am thrilled at this change, one element of surprise was a statement made by Southern Sudan President Salva Kiir, who is expected to […]

In the aftermath surrounding new conservative Christian rhetoric concerning the evils of green religion, I though it appropriate to note, once again, what God says about the earth in the Bible: God says, 1. I made it.2. I called it […]

A Huffington Post article this week noted how faith communities are stepping in to help military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It serves as a great reminder of the need to “be there” for those who have been there […]

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has announced its findings that it expects the number of Muslims worldwide to doubt in the next 20 years. Is this true? And if it is, what does it mean for the […]

Today’s “Reflections on Tucson” comes from Activist Faith co-founder, author, and pastor Daniel Darling. While some have moved on to the next news topic, I sensed it was appropriate to look back at the recent shooting tragedy and continued to […]

Great story from co-founder Dan King on how to take your friends on the journey with you on a mission trip. I would love to hear similar stories from any of you in the comments below. As always, thanks […]

The trafficking of children for sale at the Super Bowl is well documented.  Texas Attorney General Abbott is taking a stand and has prepared a task force to identify and respond to traffickers who plan to sell children at the […]

Yesterday, thousands of people across the United States gathered for various right to life events to recognize the importance of protecting the lives of unborn children. Both as a dad and follower of Jesus, I fully support limiting abortion as […]

A new series has come out actually claiming the green movement is false religion. Interesting. Of course, there are disclaimers that creation care is good, but “radical environmentalism” (as they define it) is bad. So where is the line? Let’s […]

My friends at recently posted an inspiring story about efforts to bring clean water to a community in Ethiopia, building hope and relationships in the process. Clean water access is one of the most disturbing problems in our world […]