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50514_128045173922797_6062868_n.jpgTurnwater’s 2A semifinal victory included, well, a semi-confusing call for running back Ronnie Hastie.

Following a 23-yard touchdown run, Hastie knelt briefly with one hand pointed to the sky as a quick moment of thanks to God. He promptly received a penalty flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

When interviewed later, Hastie stated, “I do that to give glory to my heavenly Father,
Jesus. He gives me the strength. He’s the one who gives me these
abilities in the first place.”

If that’s unsportsmanlike conduct, I’m hoping there will be a lot more flags like these in future games. I might even return to college just to try out for the football team in an attempt to score a touchdown and kneel in thanks to God (Of course, it really would be a miracle in my case!).

In an age where grown men often exchange punches on NFL game day despite a $25,000 fine, it’s refreshing to highlight a high school football player whose actions on the field reflect honor rather than a lack of self-control. Instead of unsportsmanlike conduct, I wish I could give him an award for his actions. At the very least, we can show some support.

To support Ronnie, you can take a moment to join the Facebook group started to support his declaration of faith. I just joined myself. At the very least, you’ll encourage a young guy who took some criticism for standing for his beliefs.

Ronnie, I’m praying for more football players like you.

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