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New York, NY – September 2007 – Beliefnet.com, the leading online community for inspiration and spirituality, has announced its annual Spiritual Gift Guide – a photo gallery of holiday gift suggestions designed to help people of all faiths embrace the spiritual side of the holidays. Whether you’re choosing a gift for your boss, a friend, family member, or that special someone; Beliefnet can guide you to an imaginative and profound expression of holiday cheer.

In addition to the annual gift suggestions, Beliefnet offers an array of multi-faith resources and “How To” guides for Christmas and Hanukkah as well as numerous holiday features – including:

  • Beliefnet's annual interactive Advent calendar
  • A Holiday Hunt sweepstakes, in which visitors will search Beliefnet for holiday-related items such as such as frankincense, myrrh, gold, and the Star of Bethlehem.

“Spiritual expression is a vital part of our daily lives”, says Deborah Caldwell, Managing Editor of Beliefet.com. “We created this year’s Spiritual Gift Gallery and multi-faith guides to reflect growing interest in spirituality spurred by the boom in social networking and online religious communities. At Beliefnet, we strive every day to bring together good people and inspired ideas. This year we’ve discovered some wonderful gifts that we hope will help people express gratitude and celebrate the holidays.”

Spiritual Gift Suggestions for 2007 from Beliefnet.com:

A full list can be found at www.beliefnet.com. Spiritual gift-giving experts are also available to discuss these and other ways to celebrate and share the true spirit of the holidays. Click on the links below to order or learn more:

1) Guardian Angel Keyring

Keep an angel close to your loved ones—or at least a sterling silver version. Her flip side is engraved with the words: "Angels shall guard thee." And so they shall. $68

2) Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

This seasonally-appropriate gift is part of an all-natural body care line that uses "therapeutic biblical herbs, plants, trees, and flowers from the established trade routes mentioned in the Bible." For men and women, the soap comes in a luxe gift pouch. $14

3) Chronicles of Narnia Bookset

You don't have to walk into a wardrobe to get to Narnia with this box-set of Chronicles. This Christian-inspired series can be read anywhere—from beach to bed to plane or the couch. $70

4) The Kids' Yoga Deck

This deck of cards is a fun way to inspire kids to become more active by learning the basics of yoga. It will help with strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. $14

5) Law of Attraction CD Collection

The law of attraction suggests that we create our own reality with our thoughts. So if you want this CD collection, theory goes you should think about it—a lot—and somehow you'll receive it! Doubters can purchase it from Amazon.com. $26.37

6) Hamsa

The Hamsa is a popular amulet for protection in Judaism and Islam. But this one has metal-embossed words of the Hebrew Shema prayer, making it a great gift for members of “The Tribe”. $68

7) Mah Jongg Maven Basket

Do you or someone dear like to "Mah Jongg from Shanghai to Miami Beach?" If so, this basket for mavens—complete with mixed rugelach (kosher, of course)--may be the perfect holiday gift. $120

8) Christmas Soy Candles

These scented candles in homey Mason jars, promise to set the holiday mood. Choose from seasonal aromas like Christmas fudge, chocolate-covered candy canes, eggnog and frankincense and myrrh. All in non-toxic, paraffin-free soy wax. $8 for a candle in an 8-ounce jar.

9) Luxurious Perfume

Muslims like to dab themselves with perfume oils on the two holidays of Eid ul Fitr (at the end of Ramadan in October) and Eid Ul Adha (which falls around Christmastime this year). One such luxe perfume, Ghalib Dehn el Ood, is made from rare Cambodi oil and boasts a rich musky, earthy fragrance. This scent comes encased in a crystal bottle that sits in an exquisitely designed wooden box. $89.95

10) Corinthian Ring

"Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last," according to King Lemuel in Proverbs 31:30. But he never laid eyes on the "Virtuous Woman" ring by Beya jewelry. The ring is available in 14-karat white or yellow gold and has a Roman inscription of I Corinthians 6 on the band. The true beauty of the ring shines through 0.52-carats of conflict-free diamonds which form a circle at the top of the ring. $1,700

*All prices are in USD and do not include tax or shipping charges.


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