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Norfolk, VA, June 28, 2011—Beliefnet (www.beliefnet.com), the Web’s leading multi-faith inspiration and spirituality site and a property of BN Media (Norfolk, VA), has partnered with Simple Truths®, the leading creator and provider of motivational and inspirational gifts, to create Inspired Faith®, a unique one-stop online shop for inspirational gifts.

Inspired Faith® (www.inspiredfaith.com) features a special collection of inspirational and spiritual giftbooks, DVDs, jewelry, artwork, and other gift items that were hand-picked by the editors of Beliefnet. It’s a one-stop shopping resource for visitors to find the perfect gift for their friends, family members, colleagues, teachers and other special individuals in their lives. Each gift item was specially selected by Beliefnet’s Editorial Team and Simple Truth’s founder Mac Anderson, to provide inspiration, motivation, hope, cheer, support and more to the gift recipient. The one of a kind items that cannot be found in any bookstores or retail outlets, make these unique gifts even more memorable and special.

For more details, visitors can go online to our secure website, Inspired Faith, at www.inspiredfaith.com.

About Beliefnet

Beliefnet, a property of BN Media (Norfolk, VA) and a recipient of the National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online, is the largest multi-faith online community for spirituality and inspiration. Its mission is to help people find and walk a spiritual path that instills comfort, hope, clarity, strength and happiness for people who are exploring their own faith or curious about others. Beliefnet is the definitive source of spiritual information presented without defined editorial point-of-view, and is a leading authority for major news organizations in the United States. It covers an exhaustive range of topics and is continually enhanced by its users. Resources include blogs and social networking tools, feature articles and videos, quizzes, devotionals, photo galleries and interviews with noted politicians, celebrities and spiritual leaders. Beliefnet has more than 14 million newsletter subscribers and averages nearly three million unique visitors per month. Beliefnet is not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement.

About BN Media

The mission of BN Media is to serve the vast online market for spirituality and inspiration, bringing audio-visual and written content to the masses while helping people make a difference for their favorite nonprofit organization. BN Media achieves this by bridging the gap through which ordinary activities inspire activism, online giving and volunteerism.

About Simple Truths®

Simple Truths® has been a leading innovator in the publishing world for six years. Unlike traditional publishers, Simple Truths® markets direct to consumer via email, website promotions, social media, viral moves and online partners. The company freely hosts always-online motivation for millions, ships books and DVD’s worldwide and serves 85% of Fortune 500 companies. Founded and led by Mac Anderson, who also founded Successories; Simple Truths® is headquartered in Naperville, IL.

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