Help others achieve their dreams.

If you want a life that matters you need to live outside yourself. Helping others achieve their dreams is special. Having aspirations and goals are great, but nothing will leave a lasting impact in this world more than helping another. By helping another person reach their potential, you are helping yourself because it empowers you and encourages you to stop obsessing over your own life. Helping people will make you feel happier and will connect you to other like-minded people.

Start to accept yourself more.

Building a meaningful life starts by embracing your flaws. You will make mistakes and you will fail, but this doesn't mean you need to love yourself any less. When you watch movies and when you watch television, don't be fooled--there are no perfect lives or perfect people as projected on the screen. In a culture where people want to be affirmed, people are nervous to be themselves because of the fear of rejection. Be the rule breaker and decide to be who you really are not what you think others want you to be. Decide to be yourself today. If people don't like your laugh or your new direction stay the course anyway. It's important for you to be authentic.

Crafting a life that matters takes time as there are multiple moving parts. We may have been born with little opportunities or dealt with continual setbacks. Regardless of where you started, you can finish well in life no matter what. You just need to take the first step and that is making the decision to change. If it sounds moderately scary--it is. However, by using tools like audiobooks, volunteering and being more open towards loving yourself, you are well on your way.

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