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Insomnia refers to inadequate or poor-quality sleep. Insomnia may be due to difficulty falling asleep, or problems with middle-of-the-night or very early morning awakening.More


Living With Insomnia

In his own words: living with insomnia

Special Topics

Having trouble catching those Z's?If you've had a sleepless night, you know it's debilitating. But you can get help catching those Z's.

Special Topics (Continued)

Melatonin: nature's sleeping pill?Taking supplements of the hormone melatonin has been purported to relieve insomnia, but the evidence for its effectiveness is mixed. Should you try it?Rerun imageHypnosis: does it work?Despite differences in beliefs about how hypnosis works, there is a general consensus that in many cases, it can be a powerful tool. Read more here.

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