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Do you think you may be pregnant? Here are a few tips about your pregnancy testing options...

What Is a Pregnancy Test?

IMAGE Pregnancy tests detect a hormone called human chorionicgonadotropin (hCG) in a sample of urine or blood. This hormone HCG is producedby the placenta and is found in pregnantwomen. The amount of hCG produced during early pregnancy doubles every2-3 days and peaks at 7-10 weeks. Youcan be tested for pregnancy with an over-the-counter pregnancy testor in your healthcare provider's office.

How Soon After Conception Will a Home Pregnancy Test Work?

Some, but not all, home pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as 1 day after a missed menstrual period.Most home pregnancy tests are very accurate when done about a week afteryour first missed menstrual period.

How Are Pregnancy Tests Done at Home?

There are several different types of home pregnancy tests that are readily available at your local drug store. Because there are many brands, it is important to follow the directions on the individual package carefully.Some tests require that you urinate directly on a stick, whileothers ask that you urinate in a cup and then place a small sample intoa testing well with a dropper. The results can be as fast as a few minutes or as long as a several hours. Keep in mind that results are displayed differently withdifferent tests as well. For example, some show a red plus or minus sign ina window, others show pink or blue lines on a test strip, whileothers change the color of a urine sample.Once you get a result, you may begin to question the test's accuracy.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Many manufacturersclaim to have a 99% accuracy rate, but inaccurate results may bemore frequent. This is because of improper use of the test, using the test afterits expiration date, exposure of the test to the sun, and otherfactors. Again, make sure to follow the directions of your particular test exactly as you are supposed to. This should help make the test more accurate.Afterconception, a woman produces a minimal amount of hCG. Not all tests are strong enough to pick up the amount of hCG hormone present the firsttime. Later tests may be positive. Whatever theresult or the brand used, most manufacturers recommend repeatingthe process several days later to confirm the results.Other potential problems include:
  • It is possible that you may get a negative test even if you are pregnant (falsenegative) if you take the test too early after conception, before hCG levels aresignificant.
  • If you are taking medications that has hCG in them, you may get a positive test even if you are not pregnant (falsepositive).

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