Managing Symptoms of Pregnancy

IMAGE The journey to motherhood has begun. You feel a mixture ofanticipation, joy, hope, excitement, and perhaps a littleapprehension. Unfortunately, these euphoric moments may also include episodes of nausea, vomiting, constipation, and back pain.How do you get through the rest of the pregnancy without thesenagging discomforts? During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through some major changes to meet the demands of her growing baby. These changes are initiated by estrogen, progesterone, and the other hormones of pregnancy, and are often accompanied by numerous discomforts. These normal sideeffects, which vary among women and pregnancies, are not the same ascomplications. Complications of pregnancy include hypertension, anemia, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and vaginal bleeding.Here are some common pregnancy discomforts and tips on how tomanage them.

Breast Changes

Breast changes include tenderness, heaviness, tingling, as well as an increase in size, darkening of the areolae (skin around the nipples), and more apparent bumps and blood vessels.What may help : Wear a supportive bra. Try different styles and sizes. They may be more comfortable than bras you currently wear.

Food Cravings

Your taste may change and you may crave certain foods,especially sweets, while other food becomes distasteful.What may help : Eat a balanced diet and eat as you desire, butavoid binging on high-calorie and high-fat food.


Fatigue is especially common during the first 8-10 weeks due to metabolic changes in your system. Fatigue may also be related to poor nutrition, being overweight, lack of regular exercise, and insomnia. What may help : Take frequent naps and rest when you can. Cut back on your work or daily activities, but engage in regular moderate activity, such as walking. Eat small, frequent meals to keep energy levels even.

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