Working Outside the Home: Can Mothers Make It Work?

Today, many motherswork outside the home. Are you struggling with the decision? Read on to learn more about your options.IMAGE Though some mothers work because offinancial need, others choose to work for different reasons. Some want tostay on top of a fast-changing career, while others enjoy theintellectual stimulation, camaraderie, and sense of purpose andaccomplishment that their work provides. The decision to work orstay at home can be a tough one for new mothers. There are noright answers, and each woman must evaluate her specificsituation before she decides what is best for her.

What Could It Mean for Your Child?

Before making a decision, you need to evaluate the positive and negative effects that working outside the home can have onyour child.


  • Children under the care of a consistent and nurturing caretakermay develop emotionally as well as children whose mothers stayhome.
  • The mother-child bond should not be damaged.
  • Being exposed to peers, your child will have a chance todevelop social skills sooner.
  • Your child will have a chance to develop independence andresponsibility at an earlier age.
  • Your child will have more opportunities to learn to trust otheradults.


  • Due to exposure to other children, your child may become sick more often.
  • If your child is sick, the care provider may not be able to take care of your child. You may need to find an alternate provider or program. You should also have a back-up option if the sitter is sick.
  • Unless you are certain about the quality of care, there is arisk that your child could receive inadequate care.

Explore More Convenient Work Options

Many women are torn between providing financial support for thefamily and being a nurturing and supportive full-time mom. Beforeyou make the decision to go back to your full-time job, considerother work options you may have. Here are some things to consider:
  • Think about a home-based business.
  • Find out about freelance opportunities.
  • See if you can work from home in the job you currently do. Many companies allow for telecommuting.
  • Look into a career that will allow you to work from home.

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