Eat a Diet Rich in Calcium

Here's Why:

calcium Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the human body. It plays an important role in maintaining good health. For example:
  • Calcium is essential to build and maintain strong bones at all stages of life, and therefore help prevent and/or manage osteoporosis. Calcium may also help with weight loss. In addition, research suggests that calcium and vitamin D supplementation may help to optimize blood glucose metabolism.
  • Calcium helps reduce your risk for these serious health conditions:
The recommended intakes for calcium are:
Age Adequate Intake
0-6 months 200
7 months-1 year 260
1-3 years 700
4-8 years 1,000
9-18 years 1,300
19-50 years 1,000
Men 51-70 years 1,000
Men 71 years or older 1,200
Women 51 years and older 1,200
Pregnant and breastfeeding teens 1,300
Pregnant and breastfeeding adults 1,000

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