What’s your tikkun?

I was a Pisces in a past life: very sensitive and artistic. I came into this life to learn to be more structured, use more reason and be more independent and to speak my mind.

In the Angels section of your book, you present the notion that we can CREATE angels, and that there are positive and negative angels. How can we tell if we’ve created one of either type?

We simply need to know that we do. This universe is a dynamic spiritual infrastructure and every action, every word, every thought creates an energy field. There are angels that will use our positivity in our favor or our negativity against us.

You discuss non-human forms of incarnation such as rocks and plants and you say it’s possible to incarnate from human to one of the lower levels. What kinds of lesson do souls in these lower levels learn from their environments?

Yes we can incarnate into different forms, this is something I learned from the writings of the Ari, Rav Isaac Luria, one of the greatest kabbalists of all time. He discusses this concept in The Gates of Reincarnation and I quote from this work often in my book.

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