May good things happen to us in the coming New Year. Those who believe in a new resolution, New Year is just the excuse to form new habits and change for the better. Here is a selection of some New Year messages, from some great Indians, that are zara hatke and could add some oomph to our resolutions. read more »
Poker is like Karma and Candyland is Fatalism. We are all dealt various hands in life but we are able to play them in a variety of ways. read more »
Inspired by The Bhagavad Gita, author Jack Hawley lends his interpretation to the ancient texts. read more »
One of the most puzzling things often heard in lectures on the Hindu Dharma to church groups and schools is that Hinduism isn’t faith based. read more »

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Those who realize the Self enter into the peace that brings complete self-control and perfect patience. They see themselves in everyone and everyone in themselves. Evil cannot overcome them because they overcome all evil. Sin cannot consume them because they consume all sin. Free from evil, free from sin and doubt, they live in the kingdom of Brahman. Your majesty, this kingdom is yours!

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