Snoop Dogg expressed his appreciation at the inclusion of Tupac, telling Rolling Stone that “The Hall of Fame has come a long way and we appreciate them for appreciating us for what we do. And hopefully there will be many more to come, because there's a lot of greats in hip-hop that deserve to be here.”

Tupac couldn’t have had a better send-off than this—more than two decades after his death, his immense contributions to not only rap, but to the rebellious, self-inventing, ever-changing spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, itself are forever officially recognized as such, and officiated by none other than one of the rapper’s closest friends.

Snoop gave Tupac Shakur—both the rapper and the man—the perfect final words.

“He was much more than you probably think. I’m not talking about ‘Pac the rapper, I’m not talking about Tupac the actor. I’m talking about Tupac the human being. So with that said, we’d like to officially welcome Tupac Shakur into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Legends always do. They can’t take this away from you homie. And since my brother is not here in the physical form, I’ll accept this honor on his behalf. I love you Tupac, welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”