Others put their trust in the magic of the movies, or fiction itself. "I believe that, just like you and me, [children] go to a movie for sheer entertainment (and of course the hot tamales and big popcorn), not to figure out the meaning of life," says Boyimbleu (post #321). "I know my six year old knows the difference between fact and fiction, real life and movies." "'Harry Potter' is terrific-at least for kids," amenset chimed in (post #25), "but I think there are certain adults who definitely should be prevented from reading the books."

But what will they talk about this weekend? Maybe they can get together with TristanFlame, who admits, "I have a true confession about the Harry Potter books though - LOL - and I KNOW that people will hate me for this - but, well, um, uh, er, ah, well, I found them boring. Now THAT'S evil."

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