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8/6/2001 11:30 AM
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“Does reading the Harry Potter books turn kids onto witchcraft? Yes, according to a controversial, locally produced video entitled "Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged - Making Evil Look Innocent."

Survey included in article.

Video demonizes 'Harry Potter'

Traditional Witch, Lycian Wicca

8/6/2001 12:19 PM
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I read that this morning. I was especially amused by the brooms and pointed hats being "phallic symbols." Okay, if they want to have problems with certain body parts, that's none of my business. But pointed hats?! OW!

8/6/2001 12:25 PM
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oh, sesh. thanks for posting this. this is another one of those "i don't know whether to laugh or cry" moments.

the guys says: "for the first time in literary history" children are being encouraged to play with the occult/witchcraft. for me, that just demonstrates his complete and utter ignorance of the field of children's literature. i grew up reading "magick" stories, from The Lord of the Rings to The Wizard of Oz series--and let's not forget the more recent Redwall books, and the very dark series that started with "The Golden Compass" (never really thought that was a kid's series in the first place), and long ago I read a fantastic book called "Linnets and Valerians" that had witchcraft and nature magick and was a beautifully told tale. for the record, i didn't "turn to witchcraft" until my 30's. don't think you can blame tolkein for that

the other thing that stood out was his utter ignorance of Wicca. iirc, there is no mention of any particular worship of any particular dieties in the HP books, and does not wicca focus on or around the concept of the god and goddess? also, his rationale that broomsticks and spells are "symbols" of wicca are just the sort of broadbrush characterization one would expect from a (pardon me i have to say it) muggle. that's like saying that singing and processionals are uniquely christian practices of worship. it's ridiculous.

so should we be worried, do you think? after all, the article does point out that there are several respected christian groups who have come out in support of the HP books, and have actually suggested that (gasp!) parents who are concerned about the content READ THE BOOK THEMSELVES and make up their own minds. I get the strong feeling this guy has never read a real book all the way through in his life.


nice one, though, sesh. it's always good to know who your enemies are, no matter how cartoonish they may seem on the surface.

runegurl, who did enjoy the HP series quite alot, but it's no Lord of the Rings.

8/6/2001 7:01 PM
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It's nice to know that however weird I feel that there are weirder people out there than me. Harry Potter, converting children to witchcraft! Laughable. I tried to read the first chapter of one of those books and stopped at the first page. It just simply does not compare to the Hobbit, Narnia and the Worst Witch series. Those witchphobic parents should be more worried about the marketing men who can persuade millions of kids to read that pap. I mean they've already got all the poor little mites glued to the TV, drinking aspartame (and who knows what else), eating
Big Macs and staying home on sunny days to play Playstation. They should be glad they're kids are reading anything at all, even if it is pap, because at least then they'd be using part of they're imagination. They should shout for joy if their kids take up witchcraft, at least then they might get up off the couch and go outside.

By the by, if that video had been banging on about any other faith (ie Judaism, Islam etc) wouldn't it have been branded as defamation. (is that the word I'm looking for?)

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