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One of the great injustices in this world is that few of us are ever
taught what we need to know about money and the world of personal
finance in order to be successful. Our parents weren’t taught so they
couldn’t teach us. We’re not taught and therefore, cannot educate our
own children. And, in all liklihood, our children will probably repeat this cycle unless we
do something differently.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could break this cycle and not have to
struggle with the same financial issues over and over again?

The truth is this lack of financial knowledge is not our fault, but ultimately, it may be up to us to change it. We
greatly need and deserve to be financially educated. This is an area
that I believe that our education system has failed to
provide that does not serve any of us. And the price we are all paying
for this is far greater than any cost that providing this education
could ever be. So what are we to do?

We can become committed to educating ourselves and our children.

April is Financial Literacy Month so I thought it would be good to offer some tips on how to
increase your financial knowledge.

Here’s Four Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Empowered:

1. One of my favorite sites is the National Foundation for Financial
Education (NEFE)
who provides free, non-consumer oriented financial
education to teens and adults. You can even go back to college online
and take their Cash Course which is an amazingly valuable program that
anyone can take.

2. The 
U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commissio
n offers some
excellent financial education programs that are free on their website at , including a “My Money” toolkit which is
available online or can be ordered by phone by calling their toll-free number (888) 696 – 6639.

3. Make becoming financially educated and informed a family project and
priority. You can have fun learning together!

4. Commit to taking one step, one action toward becoming financially
educated and
empowered today.

Peace and Blessings!   

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