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Welcome to Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus, a blog created to help you navigate this financially challenging time with ease and grace!


It is my hope and intention to become a source of daily comfort and support to our readers.  As a Money Coach, I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples overcome their financial challenges and issues. This is not merely my profession–this work is my life’s purpose.


I came to this work through my own experience of financial hardship and adversity. I know what it is to be a struggling single mother, to be struck by a disabling illness, and to be a financially strapped business owner. I know first- hand what it feels like to wake up not knowing how you will financially survive another month. I know what it’s like to be filled with fear.


I took the powerful lessons that came from my own experience with adversity and turned them into something meaningful. I was able to carve a new life. So, wherever you are right now, in the midst of this economic crisis and time of uncertainty, I want you to know that you are not alone, that there is hope and that with God’s grace and guidance, together, we will get through this.


As difficult as it may be, the financial crisis is giving us an amazing gift and opportunity to reconsider our relationship to money and personal finances. Ultimately, I believe, it will give us a chance to heal.


For too long now, our lives have been overly focused on money and material possessions as a way of feeling okay about who we are, when in fact who we are has nothing to do with what we have. Who we are is so much larger and more valuable than anything we could ever hope to own or possess. I strongly believe this is the lesson that we are all being called to learn at this time.


Even in the worst of times, we can and must nurture our souls and continue to grow spiritually. In the coming weeks, I will offer ways to help you discover your own answers and help you to find the richness that exists within you. As we share prayer, community, kinship, stories and exercises to help you cope with the crisis, I hope you will also allow yourself to dream of the life you want to be living. For it is essential to hold onto hope and know that we will find a way to brighter days.


I will also guide you to the rich resources and community support that is available to you right here on Beliefnet.  For starters, you might want to share your stories and prayer needs in our community. This is a wonderful time to stay connected and we will help you do just that.


So tune into Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus for ongoing spiritual guidance, support and community. Don’t forget to share your comments and questions. 


I leave you with this prayer for today.


Dear God,

If it be in accordance with your will,
I pray that this new age in human history
be a time of spiritual renaissance,
a “second Enlightenment” that will heighten values
and help everyone to realize their true purpose in life.
I pray for peace and justice,
and love and light.
I pray for an abundance of beauty, truth and goodness
in the lives of all the inhabitants of this troubled world.
May there be harmony, sustainability, and evolutionary progress.
Thank you for this gift of consciousness, dear God.
Steve McIntosh


Peace and Blessings!

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