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We spent Memorial Day weekend with the kids on Mt. Hood, where we went sledding, threw snowballs and played mini-golf during the few minutes the sun peeked through the clouds. It wasn’t exactly this California girl’s ideal way to kick […]

By Joel Gunz When we decided to visit the Spiritualist Church of Alice, I can’t speak for Amanda, but I was looking for one thing: a spooky thrill. That feeling of the uncanny is one of the oldest manufactured sensations […]

By Amanda P. Westmont We purposely didn’t call ahead this week to let the Church of Alice know we were coming. Joel and I both tend to be people who Live in Public and I have a propensity to over-share […]

By Joel Gunz With earth’s population set to reach seven billion people later this year, you’d think we’d have no trouble making new friends. But for channels and psychics who make their living networking with “the other side,” this world, […]

Don’t interrupt me…. I’m getting a message…. It’s coming…. Coming…. The… Ancients… wish… to inform you… that this Sunday… evening, Amanda and I visited the Church of Alice, a Spiritualist community dedicated to the practice of clairvoyance, mediumship and channeling. […]

I got Jesus on my neck-a-lus us us… How are you preparing for The Rapture? Who’s taking it seriously? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

By Amanda P. Westmont I’ll be honest: part of me hoped this church would suck, just so I could call it THEAWFULEST*, but there was nothing awful about it. In fact, y’all’ll have to excuse me while I gush a […]

By Joel Gunz I’m a communion junkie. After leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who restrict their bread and wine to only a tiny fraction of their members, I’ve made it a point to receive the sacraments from any church that allows […]

We had big plans to visit our local Mosque this evening, but unfortunately, having read our blog, they aren’t 100% sure they want us to come anymore. We’re in limbo waiting for their board to meet and make a decision. […]

By Joel Gunz In 1940, the year France was trampled under the heel of Hitler’s army, Roger Schutz hopped on his bike and pedaled 90 miles west from neutral Geneva, Switzerland to the French town of Taizé. There he settled, […]