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Here is your cute and inspiring video for the day! I hope you enjoy it!   “Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.”   More related features: Whole Living Discoveries of a Wanderer The […]

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Around my house, pets are family.  It was that way in my house growing up, it’s that way in my house now. I continue to learn from my pets, and am still amazed by the unconditional love they give. 🙂 I’ve […]

 This post is a little different from the things I’ve posted before. This  is all about my puppy Roxie. I talk often about the trouble she gets into, things she eats, tears up, and just general  puppy trouble making. Roxie is a miniature dachshund […]

Take a break today and watch the featurette to Disney’s African Cats. Animal babies are always adorable,  and this is no exception, enjoy! Disneys African Cats