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Watchwoman comments: SB5 is very similar to the legislation passed in Wisconsin that caused uprisings, riots and protests (all set up by union bosses/thugs and professional agitators – otherwise known as community organizers).  In Ohio, the union members have collected enough […]

Watchwoman: Notice in the story below, the authorities claim it’s not racially motivated.  Question? Why when ONLY blacks attack ONLY whites it’s not racially motivated when if the opposite were true it would undoubtedly be a hate crime because of the racially […]

WATCHWOMAN HEADS UP!!! What I want to bring to your attention is that YOU, Mr. & Mrs. Tax Payer – pay the wages of every public union employee, not some other guy, it’s YOU! Who is representing YOU at the […]

THE MYTH Teacher Layoffs Senate Bill 5 will hurt our local schools and kids by making it easier for politicians to lay off teachers and cut funding for schools across Ohio. THE REALITY By basing teacher performance evaluations on quality […]