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Calvin’s Commentary: Do you recall that one of Obama’s campaign talking points was “vote for me because I’m going to fundamentally change America” because he put the blame upon President Bush because most everyone in the Middle East disliked the […]

  Watchwoman: I can just about picture in my mind every Dem campaign strategist sticking their finger in the air to see which way they should go, to continue catering to the sodomites to continue getting their big buck$ from […]

  Watchwoman: On the local news I saw ONE brief item and a quick picture of the destroyed billboard that the so do mites violently objected to and that was it!  I cannot find the news item or any picture […]

Be Prepared – There are Dangers Living in Urban Areas If the Grid ever went down, what would you do? WATCHWOMAN ALERT (or just my thoughts, I’m not sure which) –  I’m a city-gal; in fact, I don’t like living […]