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WATCHWOMAN SUPPORTS OCA’s effort to place FDR’s D-Day Landing Prayer at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. and we urge you to help get signatures for the petition, as well as signing the petition yourself.  Please read the following message […]

If you’re an American woman and you love patriotic American men, you’re going to really enjoy this new song! If you’re an American man, you’ll enjoy being supported by the Chrisagis Brothers who are singing your song!  

There is now a trend of American comic book icons being de-Americanized in order to make them more palatable to a foreign — even anti-American — audience.  In some foreign markets, Marvel studios is leaving the name “Captain America” off […]

Do you believe that PC is just plain nuts and that the far left has lost it’s mind?  Do you think it’s plain insane that Superman can no longer believe in America any longer?  That he is forced in comic […]