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GOOGLE KEPT STREET-VIEW DATA   LONDON (AP) — After being caught spying on people across Europe and Australia with its Wi-Fi-slurping Street View cars, Google had told angry regulators that it would delete the ill-gotten data. Google broke its promise […]

Watchwoman: Bullying is the latest word in the communist anti-Christ encyclopedia of illusion.  The word bullying has been transformed to mean that anyone who dares make a statement from the Holy Bible saying that God says sodomy is sin is […]

Google announces privacy settings change across products; users can’t opt out By Cecilia Kang Google said Tuesday it will require users to allow the company to follow their activities across e-mail, search, YouTube and other services, a radical shift in […]

Watchwoman: Don’t think it doesn’t matter to you because this is in NY.  Soon it will come to your hometown too!  Think about this and their lip service to saying if you cancel OnStar you won’t be tracked, yeah right! […]

Watchwoman: Do you believe that cancelling OnStar will protect you from being tracked by the government in light of the first story – OnStar will track you even if you cancel service  . . . Don’t ever forget that GM is really […]

SAN FRANCISCO (The Blaze/AP) — A San Francisco trial judge says she intends to strike a ban on male circumcision from the city’s November ballot. Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi said in a tentative ruling Wednesday that the proposed law […]

See follow up article: “Follow up: SAN FRANCISCO JUDGE TO STRIKE CIRCUMCISION BAN FROM BALLOT ” located at   Associated Press – A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has been cleared to appear […]