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5 of the Costliest Tweets Ever Real-Time Advice: Twitter gets credit for bringing about change. But for some, it also costs hunks of it. By QUENTIN FOTTRELL Sticks and stones may break bones, but 140 characters can do a whole […]

Watchwoman: Big Brother is running amok. This is “1984” using 2011 technology!  Do you think that government is just going to sit on this Twitter information or will they use it for their own gains, from spying to selling information […]

Be sure not to miss another post regarding this topic: NEWS – RUPERT MURDOCH ATTACKED AT HEARING ( headlines)  Located at:   Gary Bauer is the President of a conservative, Christian, pro-life organization.   He wrote in his American Values Email Newsletter […]

Be sure not to miss a related item located at entitled “Fox Hunting” by Gary Bauer. Watchwoman: Murdoch is rich and famous, but he owns Fox News and the liberals are out to destroy any dissenting voice.  The only freedom […]

WATCHWOMAN COMMENT: I loathe big government, intrusive government, the anti-smoking Nazi’s and the food police.  I found a web site that you’ll want to visit if you do too, see below  < > See what I copied from there […]

WATCHWOMAN QUESTIONS? • Are you tired of government interference? •  What do you think of all the recent “bans” that government is dictating?  •   Do you think that the U.S. Big Government (The Nanny State) has become the Big Dictator […]