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You can bet the “change” you have left in your wallet, he’s not trying to get a tan on the tarmac in sunny Florida!  Things are too hot down there for him! Thank you, Conservative Byte! Source:

Promise of Change Thank you! Patriot Update

Gas price blame Thanks to – Conservative Byte

Watchwoman: Question? Why when Bush was prez, he was said to be in cahoots with Big Oil, according to the communist mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and comedians including Leno, Letterman and the other write your comic monologues using […]

THE CAUSE! WATCHWOMAN WARNING! The article below says the USA is experiencing the highest rate of inflation in 2½ years.  That is not a blessing, is it?  The longer we in the U.S.A. continue to be disobedient to God’s Law-Word, and we […]