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Watchwoman: I have not addressed Whitney Houston’s death, for one, because the media has been covering it to the point where I’m beginning to dislike the song, “I have always loved you.” The media goes berserk over every star’s death, […]

  New Video Game Allows Players to Kill Tea Partiers   WRITTEN BY RAVEN CLABOUGH  .  Liberals often tout themselves as the epitome of tolerance, which makes the production of a video game entitled “Tea Party Zombies Must Die,” by […]

Check out these other posts regarding “Tea Party are Terrorists” Links on Watchwoman Blog SEVERAL PEOPLE SAY THEY HEARD BIDEN CLEARLY CALL TEA PARTY ‘TERRORISTS’. STAFF DENIES. More on Tea Party Terrorists (Video from O’Reilly’s Fox News Program) […]

Excerpt from Bill O’Reilly – Why Demonize Christianity?   “The … reason is purely political. The left well understands that Christian opposition to things like abortion, gay marriage, and drug legalization makes those liberal causes more difficult to achieve. Thus, anything […]