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The GOP generally wants no gays in the military, but apparently in Congress is OK.

First, in the U.S. House, the Hill reports,

Richard Tisei – Getting Boehner’s, Cantor’s Ryan’s, 3 Republicans, help.  Tisei was the Minority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. In office January 2007 – January 5, 2011 – till he ran for Lt. Gov and lost)

Richard Tisei could become the first openly gay Republican elected to serve in Congress, but he’s more interested in framing himself as part of the centrist wing of the party than as a trailblazer. . . .

Tisei said that in his home district, being gay is a “non-issue,” but noted his profile as a pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion-rights Republican could help him knock off eight-term Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), whose campaign has been tarnished by his in-laws’ legal troubles. . . .

John Boehner (R) Ohio 61st Speaker of the US House

Eric Cantor (R) 112th Congress House Majority Leader, Richmond, VA

Paul Ryan, (R) 112th Congress, Wisconsin 1st District

Tisei has raised just shy of $50,000 from House Republicans, including donations from Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Boehner also hosted a fundraiser for Tisei and New Hampshire’s two Republican representatives about a month ago.

Another, in the Colorado state Senate:

A Colorado Republican vacancy committee is scheduled Saturday to interview — and is expected to appoint — a Denver gay man in order to fill an empty position on the November ballot.

Multiple GOP sources have confirmed that Michael Carr is the only candidate being considered to fill the Senate District 31 vacancy after Brandon Kelley ended his campaign earlier this summer.

Michael Carr, Denver, CO (Log Cabin Republican) For the pictures and names of the Board of Directors of Log Cabin Republicans – Go to:


If Carr is selected he’ll go head-to-head with gay Denver Democrat state Sen. Pat Steadman.

by Joel McDurmon on Jul 26, 2012

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Source: America Vision News – Advancing the Faith and Protecting Liberty


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Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, July 27, 2012
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