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ISSUE 1 – Besides Issues 1 & 2, there was another important Issue on the Ohio Ballot. The Democrats supported Issue 1 which was to raise the age of Judges to 75 before being forced to retire at 70 which is the current law. The Republicans wanted to defeat Issue 1. It was defeated. Republican victory.

ISSUE 2 – Ohio voters overturned a law signed last year that limited collective bargaining rights for public workers. About 62% voted for repealing the law and 38% against it. That was a victory for Union bosses and the Democrats. The Republican-controlled legislature approved the bill, and Republican Gov. John Kasich signed it into law earlier this year. But union bosses mounted a drive to get a repeal measure placed on the ballot, and they spent about $22 million to repeal SB5 in phone calls, billboards all over the place, yard signs, pop ups all over the computers, and TV ads that played incessantly on the local news programs.

ISSUE 3 – Another measure on the Ohio ballot that would exempt Ohio residents from the compulsory health care mandate under the socialistic President Obama’s health care reform law passed. That was a real statement about how Ohio feels about Obama and his dictatorial healthcare mandates! A resounding defeat for communists and Democrats!  But what is the worst about Obamacare is that it pays to murder the unborn babies!  So its going down to defeat in Ohio should make every pro-lifer very, very happy!  Yeah for life!  Yeah for the unborn!  Yeah for the babies!

So, as I see it, since I can add very easily, that amounts to Republicans 2 wins vs. Democrats 1 win, but you’ll never hear that on the commie Ohio union-controlled, pro-Democrat biased news broadcasts.  All you’ll hear is how Issue 2 shows how Ohio loves the Dems. NOT SO!!!!!!!!!!!  NOT TRUE!!!!!!!  The mainstream media lies!  All genuine conservatives know that, and if you don’t, you’re brainwashed — and you don’t know that you’ve been brain altered.

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