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Quinn & Rose Newsletter – September 30, 2011


The 2012 elections were the talk of the week yet again. Quinn & Rose talked about Mitt Romney, and his RINO/Big Government stance. They talked about Rick Perry and his views on immigrations. And they talked about Herman Cain, who was getting a lot of media attention this week.


Of course, last week, the GOP candidates were in Florida for the Fox News debate. Over the weekend, the winner of the straw poll in Florida was Herman Cain!

Quinn played the audio of an interview with Morgan Freeman. He went off on how the tea party is taking over the Republican party. He went off on how there’s still racism against Obama, but we must ask Mr. Freeman… why did Herman Cain win the straw poll?

Gary Johnson did well last Thursday, at the debate. He had the line of the night, but on top of that, we agree with all that he had to say.

Despite what the media tries to portray, there are other candidates out there, other the Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Rose stressed that at these debates, the candidates need to discuss the issues, and stop being in attack mode. The questions from the last debate weren’t worthwhile questions, Fox News did not do well on the questions. The questions from the audience were the questions of the night!


All within the same week, there was talk of New Jersey governor Chris Christie to join the GOP lineup. The GOP alone wanted Christie to run, because they think we don’t have strong enough candidates. On the contrary! We have too many good candidates, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one!

However, by mid-week, Christie put an end to any rumors, and confirmed that he is not running for President. And as Quinn & Rose confirmed, he’s far from Conservative.

Speaking of good candidates, Cain, Perry, and Bachmann were discussed between Quinn & Rose. We also had a lot of input from the audience, with tons of calls on the 2012 candidates. Quinn & Rose described Herman Cain as “the guy next door,” with his approachable attitude. He’s the kind of guy you see at events with his sleeves rolled up, and sometimes with a straw hat. Overall, he’s extremely likeable. Quinn & Rose also explained Cain’s 999 Plan in a nutshell. You can look it up on his website, but it basically gets the Fair Tax off of the sidelines, and into the game.


They touched on Michele Bachmann, and how she’s down in the polls. Perhaps it’s because in the past debates, she’s gone into attack mode.

They also talked about Rick Perry. We got lots of calls on Perry, and his immigration, and Rose articulated it well. Perry used to be a Democrat, and in his words, he “got religion,” and switched. And as Rose points out, even Ronald Reagan used to be a Democrat.

Lastly, Larry Flynt was in the news this week. He’s the porn magnet, as Rose likes to call him. He was offering up to one million dollars for details on any sexual encounters from the past with Rick Perry. Quinn brought out his impression of the ever-disgusting Larry Flynt.

Join Quinn & Rose locally in Pittsburgh this week! They’ll be at the Grand Opening of Red Skye Wireless, right across from Century III Mall!


Also, Rose is at it again! She’ll be competing in the “Dancing for a Cause,” and this year, she’s doing hip-hop! You can find all the details by simply clicking the link below. Rose needs you help and support to raise money for fighting child abuse.

For details on all these appearances, click:

Check out the “Mobile Martyr” keychain, with Exploding Palestinian kid from the show!

Expect the stories to keep coming in. Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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Kathleen Verrengia

posted November 8, 2011 at 6:53 am

Donna, Would you kindly disregard my post for now. The timing is all wrong. I would like to be able to return when things are more settled. I appreciate you! God Bless you and have a nice day.

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Donna Calvin

posted November 7, 2011 at 1:10 am

Dear Kathleen,

I do not live in PA and I’ve heard nothing about this incident. Please tell me more about Dr. Gallo starting with what is your relationship to him? Do you have a website where the incident is reported on the news? (A video?) Give me back up supporting your statements about his character and his political beliefs being conservative and a Tea Party person and a 2nd amendment supporter. Do you believe that is why he is being mistreated by officials? What caused the road rage incident? What let up to the person who tried to run into him head on? Hitting someone head on would be as potentially dangerous to the aggressor as to the victim. Who is the other party that was in the car with Dr. Gallo? You mentioned the other person (the one who was shot) was an “actor”. Is this person well known? What is their name? Would I recognize it? What does the person who was in the car with Dr. Gallo have anything to say and were they arrested? Were there any other witnesses? Does Dr. Gallo have a good lawyer who represents conservatives and 2nd amendment supporters? I have no idea what the Castle Doctrine Law in PA is. In Ohio, it means that if someone breaks into your house, you have a right to protect your home. What is it in PA? Does it apply to vehicles? I have no idea. I’m not a lawyer. Why would this be a good case for it is a question for a lawyer who knows PA law.

Donna Calvin
Watchwoman on the Wall

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Kathleen Verrengia

posted November 6, 2011 at 7:42 am

I was wondering if you could comment on an incident that occurred in Ligonier PA on Sunday night. I believe that it may be the first challenge for the Castle Doctrine Law in PA. Dr. Charles P Gallo, psychologist and owner of a large practice in Monroeville, was driving with a friend late on Sunday when an aggressive and intoxicated driver engaged him in a road rage incident. Dr. Gallo called 911 on three separate occasions, but received no assistance from the police until it was too late. When the other driver turned the vehicle around in the roadway and proceeded to attempt to hit his pickup truck, head on, Dr. Gallo put his vehicle in reverse and backed down the road to avoid contact. When he could go no further, he pulled his Glock semi automatic (which he had a permit to carry) and fired two shots into the windshield of the other driver’s vehicle. He “knicked” the guy in the shoulder. Subsequently, Dr. Gallo was charged with Attempted Homicide, Reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault. He was given a $50,000 cash bond and spent some time in the Westmoreland Co. Prison. The other driver, released with no bond, was also charged with reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, DUI. However, Dr. Gallo’s “mugshot” was plastered on the news, sporting a black eye he got while being put handcuffed into the police cruiser. I saw no picture of the actor. Do some research on Dr. Gallo and it becomes immediately apparent that he is an upstanding citizen, a respected business man, a staunch protector of constitutional law, a libertarian, a tea party organizer, a non drinker, a healer. He is now in the position of having to defend himself in court. His reputation and good name have been damaged. What is wrong with this picture?

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