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Watchwoman: Today, I heard on Quinn & Rose’s program < > October 10, 2011…Tapes of audio of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters chanting the exact words of the leaders who said a few words over a megaphone followed by the repetitions of the crowd of whatever was heralded by the leader, word by word, phrase by phrase, paragraph by paragraph.  The enchanted protesters repeated the phrases like brainwashed lemmings. It was beyond quite strange; in fact, the tape could better be described as creepy.  According to reports, again recorded on tapes and played on the Quinn and Rose program of the voices of protesters, pot at the protests is going for $10 and heroine for $5 — and there’s all the drug-induced protesters could possibly want, that is readily available and flowing freely.  The food is free and includes salmon and bagels.  Some of the protesters couldn’t explain the words on the signs they were carrying, nor could they explain their cause.  One simply offered to “destroy capitalism,” but offered no explanation of what “capitalism” was.  Occupy Wall Street protesters were photographed defecating on the street in public view.           :~ : ~:          What I find to be extremely disturbing and a total disregard for Christianity and our Christian moral beliefs is the flagrant misrepresentation on the media’s lack of coverage of decent pro-life Christians gathered along highways all across the US and it was completely ignored by the mainstream media.  Not one word of coverage was shown or talked about on Sunday, October 2, 2011, regarding the millions of pro-life Catholics and Christians across the USA in the annual pro-life affirming event called “Life Chain,” the 24th Annual Event.  < > There were over 100 Life Chains in Ohio alone.  Yet the mainstream media on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC local affiliates all told everyone listening on the Sunday news several times where the communist, union-boss organized, “Occupy Cleveland” protest would be forming the next day by the “Free Stamp” in downtown Cleveland.  The “Free Stamp” is a gigantic, ugly, controversial, tax-payer paid-for piece of commie art work that has been defiling the downtown area in Cleveland for several decades.  (See Goal Number 22  of THE 45 COMMUNIST GOALS AS READ INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 1963 posted  on Watchwoman blog Friday April 29, 2011 ▬ > Click here ▬>      :~ : ~:     What is the primary difference between Occupy Wall Street and Life Chain?  Simple.  Occupy Wall Street is about destroying and tearing down.  Life change is about building up and saving life!    ▬ Donna Calvin


Monday, 03 October 2011


Really simple:

Occupy Wall Street is an open source protest.

This type of protest has been very effective over the last year in toppling regimes in north Africa.  It’s proving relatively successful in the US too.

People working at the media center at the Occupy Wall Street Protests, that are mistakenly being likened to the Tea Party by hacks in the media, a totally false comparison.

Open source protest is an organizational technique.  Probably the only organizational technique that can assemble a massive crowd in today’s multiplexed environment.  Essential rules of open source protest include:

  • A promise.  A simple goal/idea that nearly everyone can get behind.  Adbusters did pretty good with “occupy wall street.”  Why?  Nearly everyone hates the pervasive corruption of banks and Wall Street.  It’s an easy target.
  • A plausible promise.  Prove that the promise can work.  They did.  They actually occupied Wall Street and set up camp.  They then got the message out.
  • A big tent and an open invitation.  It doesn’t matter what your reason for protesting is as long as you hate/dislike Wall Street.  The big tent is already in place (notice the diversity of the signage).  Saw something similar from the Tea Party before it was mainstreamed/diminished.
  • Let everyone innovate.  Don’t create a leadership group.  The general assembly approach appears to work.
  • Support anyone in a leadership role that either a) grows the movement or b) advances the movement closer to its goal.  Oppose (ignore) anybody that proposes a larger, more complex agenda or those that claim ownership over the movement.
  • If a new technique works, document it, use it again, and share it with everyone else.  Copy everything that works.
  • Spread the word of the movement as widely as possible.

    The greywater treatment system used by the protesters to collect water for the park's plants

That’s the gist of it.

What’s the real goal of this protest?  Frankly, it’s probably a recognition that the center of power in the US doesn’t reside in Washington anymore.  It’s on Wall Street.  This protest dispenses with the middle men (the US government) and goes straight after the real power.

My guess is that the Adbuster team that launched this open source protest felt that an October financial meltdown was possible, hence the September start-date.  If the meltdown does occur, this movement is going to go global, just at the moment when the banks are going to be at their most vulnerable.  Regardless, this effort is going to set the groundwork for a fast launch in the future when the next financial meltdown occurs.

What’s the big picture?  Global guerrillas are getting better at building open source protests.  We are going to see more and they are likely to become a prominent feature of the geopolitical landscape.  It will also be interesting to see if open source protests could end up taking down a Too Big To Fail bank (i.e. Goldman) or a US President in the next 5 years.  That would be very cool to see.

Posted by John Robb on Monday, 03 October 2011 at 01:08 PM

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