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Local Information from 9-29 and 10-6-2011


America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE – September 29, 2011

Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci liaison for the Tea Party were in the studio alone.

I enjoy being on air with Bob. He is a very interesting person with so much knowledge and experiences to draw from that there is never a lack of something to talk about. Bob also can go from being very serious to humorous back to serious in no time. He could fill up a much longer show no problem.

Each show I get a little more at ease. When I first was invited to go on I asked what is the format or topics? I was told “Topics? We don’t even know, we decide the day of the show.”

All I get to prepare is an email either the night before or a few hours before we are to tape briefly hi-lighting a few topics or asking if there something specific I care to talk about. That’s it! And even then its not guaranteed we use what we prepared for, we could throw out the whole list and talk about something all together different.

So its a bit of a challenge but it does keep things fresh and more honest. Sometimes when you over prepare you come out looking canned or plastic, sort of… well… like Mitt Romney.

Carey Masci

What I am going to do in this news letter is have you get involved. I will share with you my notes that I brought into the studio on Wednesday the 28th. I know things happen so incredibly fast today thats it hard to keep up. In years past if you got a breaking news story once a month was a lot, today you could get a couple in a day. So if you see something on this list you would like us to discuss on air or want me to answer in detail through email just let me now at and we will do our best to answer you.

Heres the list from Sept. 28th:

My tenant is worried about her job, if I heard correctly because its hard to believe this number, she said 500 gov jobs in Cuyahoga could be let go, Fitzgerald wants to privatize.

in some areas gov jobs are being cut because of no money but in other areas Obama is still pushing gov jobs

$200,000.00 was spent to create jobs that pay only $50,000.00 the rest of the $200,000 was spent on the gov unions administration filling those positions.

Metro hospital to release 400

summa health care of Akron to drastically trim work force due to the pending healthcare that is coming

the gop race is anybodies as Cain won the Fla straw poll. has mitt won any yet?

why does the media and O’Reilly still give Mitt so much attention and think he is the one

i have been called a Zionist and xxxxxx (I was told I can’t mention the other) for supporting Santorum

i told people if gas goes down expect it to go sky high after the election, we have seen this game played since about 2004

someone I know quite well has been teaching me about the stock market, he feels confident the market will be half of what it is within a year, it will lose that much

from a news story…California is going to start collecting sales tax from online retailers, a move Gov. Jerry Brown says will “create tens of thousands of jobs and inject hundreds of millions of dollars” into the state’s moribund economy and spur the rest of the nation to follow in its footsteps.

spoke with mayoral candidate for Euclid Christopher Litwinowizc

Angel food ministry is closing due to lack of funds, it was overwhelmed with requests.

and a question i have …. are we for real with these tea parties, do we really mean what we are teaching and saying or is it just to get the people stirred up and to win elections? When do we storm the city halls and say enough?

That was my list and Bobs, well his was much longer. So you can see why sometimes we bounce around from topic to topic. Its only a thirty minute show and very hard to cover everything but we do try.
Carey Masci
As Carey wrote above I don’t like over preparing for a show. I believe in being real, in being honest, speaking from the heart. I see what is going on in this country. You don’t need to prepare in great detail, you just need conviction and passion to get your message out.

Bob Murphy

And if you would like to contact me I can be reached at
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy


Item #2 of 2 – October 6, 2011

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci and National Commentator Mike Gutierrez were in the studio.
So much to talk about, WOW!  I could go in so many different directions with this news letter about last weeks show.  Thats the thing with a 30 minute show.  We only have enough time to hit the high points of an issue.  We give you
just enough information to keep you informed and up to date that you don’t hear from the main stream media .

In this issue I’ll tackle why America is divided.

This county is splintering.  And that’s whats alarming.  If you looked at the election results of the last ten years or so whether state or nationally the vote is almost always split now.  We are a divided country.  But its one thing to be
divided which is bad enough but now we are breaking apart into smaller groups.  And if you look over seas at countries before they collapsed, the people were so divided they started to fight amongst themselves each claiming to know the direction.  And thats where we are heading towards and fast because we do not have a leader, we have a divider.

President Reagan was known as the Great Communicator.  He spawned the do it yourself movement.  Many small businesses flourished under his tenure.  They didn’t want to rely on the government.  People felt patriotic.  But what do we have today as president?  Baraak Obama – The Great Divider.  We have people boasting I got a Obama phone, people complaining I want my government program.  Everyone is out for himself as long as YOU pay for it.

And instead of trying to push this country forward, time and time again Obama still blames the previous 8 years under Bush.  Did Reagan continually blame Carter?  Even if Bush was to blame when do we move on from this? When do we heal this wound and unite?

But it doesn’t stop there.  Obama is taking on other issues and making stances that are purely divisive in nature instead of working for the common good of America.  Why?

Because he is paying his dues to the splinter groups of America that got him elected.  Politics at its worse.

We are still a country at war.  But Obama pandered to the homosexual lobbyist and made a spectacle of our military by pushing for the repeal of DADT.  A divisive issue if there ever was one.  Same sex marriages the same thing.

First he was against it and now he is grappling with it.  Are these issues that affect a very small segment of America and divides the nation further that important while unemployment is above 9% and foreclosures are
still going on at a high rate?  Divide – divide – divide!

What about America’s history of being a Christian nation?  President Bush Jr. had events each year in office for the National Day of Prayer but Obama, he goes over seas and says we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.  More divisive talk.

In Wisconsin Governor Walker tried to do whats best for his state by reigning  in unions so he could balance the budget.  What did Obama call Walkers efforts?  An assault on unions.  D-i-v-i-d-e!

Obama called people who are involved with the Tea Party “Tea Baggers” but the thugs on Wall Street he can understand their frustration.

So its no wonder America is splintering because Obama is catering to these small special interest groups that got him elected at the expense of the masses.

And this is very scary because one thing Obama does know how to do is unite the divided. When he said to quit whining and put on your marching boots people took him at his word.  And that’s exactly whats going on.  Unlike the Tea Party who have a real purpose of trying to restore this country to its founding principles. the protesters on Wall Street and else where that are marching are clueless and angry with no goal other than to bring down
corporations and America.   But what did you expect, did you expect them to be organized and with a plan?  Their leader after all is – The Great Divider.

Here’s a teaser for this weeks show, I will tell you something that you may not know about the health care bill.

Carey Masci
Listen Folks, we need to stay united and focused.  We can not allow ourselves to be lumped in with what is going on on Wall Street.  Some are comparing the protesters to the Tea Party.  The only thing that is comparable is the anger present on both sides.  But the Tea Party anger is much different than the protesters anger.  There is righteous anger that makes you thirst for noble and just things.  Thats what the Tea Party has.  But what the
protesters have is mob anger and the only thing that comes out of mob anger is mob rule, and mob rule leads into tyranny which ultimately leads right into bondage.

So stay focused friends and make sure your anger is on the side of justice because we can and will prevail to restore this nation once again back to greatness.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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