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A woman paralyzed by stroke had been unresponsive for over a year. Her physical therapist had been working daily with her to no avail. B.J. Cobb, Animals Samaritans’ Health Care and Assisted Living division coordinator for their Animal Assisted Therapy […]

Watchwoman: We do not participate in Halloween based upon what we have read in our Bible.  We are taught that we are not to have any contact or affiliation with anything that represents Satan or anything representing the dead, like ghosts, the […]

The thermal images that prove 90% of tents in the Occupy camp in London are left EMPTY overnight By TOM KELLY and DAMIEN GAYLE These are the damning images that prove the anti-capitalist protest that has closed St Paul’s Cathedral is all but […]

Fiend attacks ‘Occupy’ protester in her tent By KEVIN FASICK and CANDICE M. GIOVE Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park battened down the hatches yesterday as the early October snow turned their tents into igloos, but the close quarters also […]

• Beacon Power bankrupt; had U.S. backing like Solyndra • Beacon Power Corporation Files Chapter 11 Petition-DJ Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, just a year after the energy storage company received a $43 million loan guarantee from […]

Watchwoman: FCC cracks down on religious broadcasters by forcing them to comply with a rule that they have to provide closed captioning on their TV broadcasts.  Here’s the danger in that.  The problems never begin with the extremist of measures […]

In order to get these full impact on these beautiful pictures without text from the side panels interfering, I have spaced downward. So just – – – Keep Scrolling to see these outstanding autumn glorious photos. It is going to be worth […]

Watchwoman: We warned you this would be a consequence of same-sex hooking up legally.  Next comes legally having sex with animals and children and multiple marriages of every sort, men/woman/children/animals — just one big happy love hook-up — all in […]

Pilot Wasn’t Distracted by Skydiving Sex Stunt: FAA Video shows two people having sex in a plane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act midair Read more:

Attention Al Gore! You may want to rethink that global warming thing!   Global Warming = Globalony! FREAK HALLOWEEN BLIZZARD OF ’11 ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○ – ○  SNOW […]