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Watchwoman: I’ve included just a few comments from the numerous ones left at the You Tube Web Site. ▬ Donna Calvin

Comments from You Tube Web Site

  • I knew both of these pilots very well. Both were the model officer and reflected the values our country strives for in our country’s leaders. I served with both in separate squadrons. This story is very well done. This causes me to reflect why I was able to walk away from the Pentagon on 9/11 as my office burned and eventually collapsed that morning while others did not.
    LagingHanda40 6 days ago 14  
  • I  knew Tom. I can tell you his story would have been the same if the tables were turned on Steve. Tom had a deep relationship with Christ and lived his life with that conviction.
    123bepp 6 days ago 12  
  • This is very touching. For the life of me, I will never understand the level of hate and evil that resided in those men who took control of those planes and killed people in the planes and then flew them into the buildings and grounds killing so many more. I guess their mindset is so different from Americans who value life, love, family, faith and so much more that the people who sent them will never understand.
     MrCMFields 5 hours ago  
  • what an awesome testimony for what Christ done for us. Thank you for sharing this. It’s nice to know there are still people who are not ashamed to share their testimony. God Bless you and the other pilot.
    jgpickett11 1 day ago
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