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Watchwoman: I saw this amazing video on the news here this morning. It’s quite hard to watch, so viewers be warned.  I’m not sure if you’ll get the video or just a picture, so here’s what happens on the video.  After a couple of failed attempts, more join the group and they all lift the car and pull the man out who is completely underneath the car that is on fire and who appears to be unconscious until later when rescue workers appear on the scene.  He lays there utterly still without any movement until then.  I was worried when I saw it on the news that he would surely die because he did not look like he would ever survive the heat of the fire to which he was exposed.  If you don’t get the video and want to see it, go to the bottom and click on the hyperlink to “Read More”.   ▬ Donna Calvin

By Mike Anderson
September 12th, 2011 @ 10:18pm
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Raw video of rescue
LOGAN — Dozens of bystanders are being praised for their part in saving a motorcyclist’s life in Logan Monday morning. A nearby camera captured them pulling the man out from under a burning car.

The accident happened just before noon on U.S. Highway 89 near the Utah State University campus. Police say BMW sedan pulled out from a parking lot, and an oncoming motorcycle was unable to stop.

“(The motorcyclist) saw what was taking place in front of him, laid the motorcycle down in an effort to keep from colliding with the vehicle,” said Assistant Logan Police Chief Jeff Curtis.

Brandon Wright’s family said Tuesday morning, “We are happy to report that he will be OK, having suffered several broken bones, road rash, and some bruises. Brandon was able to meet with family Monday night and said he is very humbled, and owes so many people his life.”

The two collided, and both vehicles burst into flames. Police say 21-year-old Brandon Wright ended up pinned underneath the car.

“It was very hot. It was hot and very dangerous,” said witness Anvar Abdumitalimovic Suyundikov. “I thought it was close to explode.”

Suyundikov said he and several others, including students and construction workers, watched it unfold. They called for help, but had no time to wait for emergency workers to arrive. “If we wait, we could lose him,” Suyundikov said.

Rather than stand by, the group gathered together, lifted the vehicle up, and pulled Wright to safety.

“It was a very tall fire,” Suyundikov said. “When I lifted the car, it was very, very hot in there.”

Looking at the charred wreckage afterward, police say the group may have saved Wright’s life.

I’m impressed that that many people would get involved, especially where there’s fire involved, the possibility of explosions and everything else.

–Jeff Curtis, Assistant Logan Police Chief

“I’m impressed that that many people would get involved, especially where there’s fire involved, the possibility of explosions and everything else,” Curtis said.

Still, Suyundikov says he and the several others did only what they had to. “I’m no hero,” he said.

As emergency responders move in to help, Wright finally started to show signs of life. It’s something that may not have been possible if the group of onlookers didn’t step in and help.

“They’re rescuers. They did a great job of getting him the help that he needed,” Curtis said.

“I just was in the right moment to help him,” Suyundikov said.

Wright, who suffered several broken bones in the accident, was transported to Intermountain Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition Monday evening.

The driver of the BMW suffered minor injuries.

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