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Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street

Aug 11 2011
By FRAZIER MOORE – AP Television Writer

NEW YORK — An online petition calling for the nuptials of Muppet flat-mates Bert and Ernie has sparked comment, controversy and lots of tweets.  But don’t bet on wedding bells to ring.  Chicago resident Lair Scott, who posted the petition, is seeking matrimony for the “Sesame Street” chums as a way to make gay and lesbian kids who watch the show feel better about themselves, and to promote tolerance for people who are different.  The marriage could legitimately happen, he reasons, since Sesame Street is located in New York, where gay marriage became legal in June. Others agreed. By Thursday afternoon, Scott’s petition had collected 5,800 signatures.  But there were alternate petitions also waiting on the website, They included: “Stop Bert and Ernie from getting married”; “Stop the senseless false labeling of these two best friends”; and “Leave Bert and Ernie alone.” You could take your pick from those or nearly two dozen more.  Or you could just tweet about it. On Thursday, “Bert & Ernie” was a trending Twitter topic.

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