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CD of my newest song

Hopefully by now you’ve heard my new song called STATE OF THE UNION.

A few days ago Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily wrote a beautiful essay about STATE and a song I did some time ago called WE MUST TAKE AMERICA BACK. Click hear to read his essay.

The reaction I’ve had has been overwhelming – even though it’s been out less than a week STATE is nearing 10,000 views on YouTube. And TAKE AMERICA BACK is over 100,000 views.

That gave me the idea to offer a CD-R (home burned by me) of both of those songs together. If you’d like to have one of those cds PLEASE go to my web page CLICK HERE and make a donation of $5 or more – I will send you a cd and I’ll pay the postage. I want to have as many copies in circulation as possible plus every single dollar donated gets me closer to being able to record more songs.

Thank you for considering this. Please forward this to your friends.


PS – I’ll still email you a free mp3 copy of the song if you’d like. Click here to go to my web site to hear the song and read the lyrics. If it moves you please share it with your friends.

Please help spread the word by Sharing This With a Friend.Steve Vaus / P.O. Box 28700 / San Diego, CA 92198
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